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Junior Champions

This page has been created to publicly recognise all those American Bulldogs

& their owners who have achieved ABNA Junior Champion Status

when showing their dogs in the Puppy Classes.

For the criteria required to achieve ABNA Junior Champion status

please visit the ABNA Points System page.

Last modified: JANUARY 2014.


Please click on an underlined link of a Dogs Name listed below

to be taken to their individual profile page.


ABNA Title - WCD. GRCH. CH. JrCH. DOGS NAME OWNER Country AB BREED TYPE Bully or Standard Sex
JrCH ADKs Little Bit of Coal Greg & Tami Karasek USA STANDARD Female
JrCH Allround Firebulls Ice Cube Jolanda Verberne NL BULLY Female
JrCH Aubuchons Strength of Gabriel Gary Aubuchon USA BULLY Male
JrCH Avalons Walli of Ostergaards Heike Henneman D BULLY Female
JrCH Butch Cassidy's Low Rider Janni Triantafyllidis D BULLY Male
JrCH Butch Cassidy's Red Hot Chili 'Tami' Glenn in het Veld NL BULLY Female
JrCH Butch Cassidy's Sunny 'Chicago' Antony Le Corre FR BULLY Female
JrCH Bulldog Citys Heart of Gold 'Hummer' Antony Le Corre FR BULLY Male
JrCH Bullet Proofs Indian Girl Jorien Middlekamp NL BULLY Female
JrCH Burning Mountains Andromeda C Stehr D STANDARD Female
JrCH Butlers Make My Day Mr of EW Gabe Butler USA STANDARD Male
JrCH Charismatic Alabama Marbritt Jensen DK STANDARD Female
JrCH Charismatic Anchorage F Markert D STANDARD Male
JrCH Chestnuts Little Micmac K Schirpke D STANDARD Male
JrCH Chestnuts Little Moai Maea Gesa & Jan Waldhecker D STANDARD Female
JrCH Demoniac Team Devil 'Bruno' Demoniac Team HU BULLY Male
JrCh Demoniac Team Easy Perlita Szabolcs Czeiner HU BULLY Female
JrCH Demoniac Team Hank Demoniac Team HU BULLY Female
JrCH Demoniac Team Jackie Brown Demoniac Team HU BULLY Male
JrCH Furry Wine's Bulldog Kennel Lidwine Arnaud FR STANDARD Female
JrCH Ghost Bulldogs Sunny Girl Sandy Foucher FR BULLY Female
JrCH Graths Chief 1 Jeanette Grath DK BULLY Male
JrCH Just Ayton/Mightybulls Bubble Coco Florence Debons CH STANDARD Female
JrCH Lostworlds Pink Sparkle Angela Watt UK BULLY Female
JrCH Megabulls Toxic Mia Jakobsen DK BULLY Female
JrCH Megabulls Ultimate Chaos Anneke Heuvink NL BULLY Male
JrCH Shrivers Miss Savannah Paige Shriver USA STANDARD Female
JrCH Southern Reds Polar Bear Robert Dera NL BULLY Male
JrCH WarriorBulls Spot of Demoniac Team Tamas Szabo & Roland Nemes HU BULLY Male
JrCH&J.EUCH Wild Wonder's Gucci Varkonyi Peter/Arlene Birt USA BULLY Male

As further recognition for those American Bulldogs listed as an

Adult Grand Champion / Champion / Junior Champion or Working Conformation Degree,

then the ABNA would like to profile each one listed

by linking their name to a page displaying a photo and further information about each dog.

If you owned a dog listed above at the time that their GR CH / CH / Jr CH or WCD status was awarded,

and would like to contribute information towards their profile,

then please fill in the form from the link below

and email the completed form along with any requested info to the Show Committee Chairman

ABNA Title Certificate Request Form and Website Gr CH / CH / Jr CH & WCD Profile Form.doc

For any Junior Champion listing queries ??

Please Contact the ABNA Show Committee Chairman

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