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Established 1998

The purpose of the American Bulldog National Alliance (ABNA) is to provide an opportunity for American Bulldogs from the major registries to compete against each other in conformation and in a variety of working disciplines. Previously this was not available to the American Bulldog community. Specific registries sanction shows restricted to dogs registered with them. Although dual registering of dogs can over come this to a degree, it does not provide for open competition among all American Bulldogs at a single show. The ABNA will provide a means by which the best American Bulldog will win without prejudice or discrimination due to registry affiliation.

The ABNA firmly believes that the time has come for all American Bulldog owners, breeders, clubs, associations, and registries to work together in a combined effort in promoting our breed. Through our teamwork and cooperation, we feel the American Bulldog will benefit.

The ABNA is strictly a nonprofit organization dedicated to the betterment of the American Bulldog breed while promoting cooperation and comradery between the owners and breeders. There will be no dues associated with the ABNA. The officers and representatives will be volunteers paying all expenses they may incur.

The ABNA Officers will prepare the breed standard. The ABNA breed standard will reflect a compilation of the existing standards being used by the ABA, NABA, NKC, and ARF along with ideas from the American Bulldog community. This standard will reflect the two types of American Bulldogs to be identified as the Standard and the Classic. The ABNA breed standard will offer sufficient diversity to allow for personal preferences while requiring the American Bulldog to retain its impressive structure, stable temperament, and athletic ability.

The ABNA Officers will select and certify only knowledgeable and dedicated judges. However, these judges may and will often be associated with one or more of the parent registries. We will require these judges to be objective and judge without prejudice relative to their registry affiliation. ABNA judges must be familiar with the ABNA breed standard and use only this standard in making their evaluations and decisions at ABNA events.

The ABNA Officers will prepare and provide a scoring system for conformation events. This scoring system will be used at all ABNA events and will allow for ease of compilation and tracking of points earned by all entries.

The format, rules, and regulations for ABNA events, for the most part, will be the responsibility of the hosting group. The ABNA will help in the organization of the event, give strong support in advertising, track the points earned by dogs in any event, post these results in a timely fashion, and ultimately award official certificates. The ABNA will not become involved or interfere with the hosting group to the point of mandating unique aspects of the show.

The ABNA has gained the full support and cooperation of the Working American Bulldog Association (WABA). This association has shown a keen interest in the preservation of the working American Bulldog. We feel the ABNA can best serve the bulldog community by working harmoniously with organizations such as the WABA. It is the full intention of the ABNA to coordinate and provide working activities and testing in protection and weight pulling at all ABNA events. All American Bulldogs will be given the opportunity to gain their working titles through the testing provided by the WABA regardless of registry affiliation.

The ABNA will provide and maintain an Internet web site dedicated to featuring dogs that have earned their conformation and/or working titles at ABNA events. The ABNA Website will also feature upcoming ABNA events and a continuously updated score sheet for points earned by all entries.



Adopted: September 15, 1999

Revised: April 25, 2000


The American Bulldog National Alliance (ABNA) is recognized as an organization dedicated to preserving the future of the American Bulldog. Consequently, we must require responsible behavior by dogs, handlers and owners at any of the ABNA sanctioned events. We totally support the premise that the American Bulldog is a working breed and should be treated accordingly; at the same time, we are adamant in our position that stable temperament is paramount in our breed. Confidence and courage are key qualities in dogs that are routinely competed in activities that require them to interact with people and other dogs. Therefore the ABNA has set forth strict guidelines that establish rules and regulations pertaining to the conduct of dogs, handlers and owners attending ABNA sanctioned events.

1. Every club and/or individual that hosts an ABNA sanctioned event must choose and announce a "Show Superintendent" from the list of ABNA Representatives. It must be confirmed that this Representative/ Show Superintendent will be present and available at the stated ABNA event. It will be the responsibility of the Show Superintendent to keep a "watchful eye" on the grounds and rings in order to identify potential problems and to maintain a good order of discipline among all dogs, handlers and owners. Further responsibility includes enforcement of judges' decisions in regard to the following policy and to aid in the reporting of any infractions of this policy to the ABNA. In all cases, the decision of the Show Superintendent will take precedence over those decisions of others attending the show.

2. Each hosting club/individual shall include on their entry forms, a statement to the effect that owners and/or handlers are responsible for the behavior of their dogs. They are aware of their legal liability to assume any and all financial costs incurred from medical expenses, property damage, etc., caused by their dogs. Furthermore, no one will hold responsible the hosting club/individual(s) nor the ABNA as a whole or any individual holding an office within the ABNA for damages incurred. Non compliance with this policy will preclude those persons and their dogs from entry into any and all future ABNA events.

3. Any dog exhibiting an aggressive attitude that in the judges' opinion would prevent them from FULLY examining any given dog safely, and without incident, shall be disqualified from all events conducted that day. This same dog shall be crated for the remainder of the day, or be removed from the premises of the show site. There will be no refunds of entry fees for dogs that are disqualified.

4. Any dog disqualified under the conditions described above on any TWO given occasions shall be banned from ABNA show grounds and events for a period of six months from the date of the second offense.

*Note: Upon completion of the six month disqualification period, the dog may be eligible for re-entry into ABNA show grounds and events upon meeting ALL of the following conditions:

A. Written proof of professional socialization training.
B. A physical "hands on" evaluation of the dog by a panel of three ABNA judges.
C. Obtaining a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title from an ABNA certified CGC examiner.

In the event that the dog is reinstated under the three conditions above, any further offense shall be grounds for lifetime dismissal from ABNA grounds and events.

5. If a dog commits an unprovoked bite, it shall be grounds for a LIFETIME banning from all ABNA events. This action shall be retroactive concerning any dog known to have committed such an action. If this incident did not occur at an ABNA event, a detailed investigation by a committee of ABNA officers and representatives will be conducted. Following the investigation of such incident, a full report will be made to all officers and representatives for appropriate action. All incidents of dogs biting anyone, provoked, unprovoked or otherwise, at any ABNA event will be thoroughly reported by the responsible parties per this regulation. All incidents will receive proper consideration and appropriate action will be taken.

6. A grievance committee made up of three ABNA representatives will settle appeals from owners or handlers feeling that their dog may have been unfairly provoked. The president of the ABNA will appoint the members of the grievance committee for each incident requiring such action. The decision of the grievance committee will be final and binding. In the event of an appeal, the acting Show Superintendent and attending judges will make written recommendations to the grievance committee.

7. Record Keeping: It shall be the responsibility of the Show Superintendent in conjunction with the hosting Club or individual(s), and the attending judges to include within the official show report the names of any dogs, handlers and owners that were involved in any infraction of this policy as well as the date, time and location of the infraction. The report shall outline the incident in detail, the steps taken at the time and the recommended steps to be taken in the future. A copy of this report shall be made available to the grievance committee. The ABNA secretary shall be responsible for maintaining accurate records of any offenses or infractions associated with this policy.




Adopted: April 17, 2000

It is the intention of the ABNA for our events to be family oriented and a place of enjoyment for all attending.


However, due to the large number of participants at our events, it is imperative that we be concerned with the behavior of our children.

Parents must be aware of their children's presence and behavior at all times.


Children must not be running around unattended and approaching strange dogs at the show. Children must not be climbing on the obstacle course apparatus nor should they be playing in those areas where dogs are in their crates or vehicles.


It is incumbent upon the parents to ensure their children conduct themselves in such a fashion that they do not become a nuisance and/or a risk at our events.


Again, it is the intention of the ABNA for our events to be enjoyed by all. But we must be concerned with the safety and good conduct of our children.


ABNA officers and representatives, as well as members of the hosting club are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring this policy is adhered to and implemented.


Those failing to adhere to this policy will be asked to leave the premises of the show without refund of entry fees.


ABNA - List of Accepted Major Registries:

Due to the emergence of many small registries over the last few years

 the ABNA would like to announce that from the 1st January 2008,
the ABNA will only accept registration paperwork for dogs registered with the

 following long standing major registries at ABNA sanctioned shows:

ABA (American Bulldog Association)
NKC (National Kennel Club)
UKC (United Kennel Club)
ARF (Animal Research Foundation)
ABRA (American Bulldog Registry & Archives)

ARFE (Animal Research Foundation Europe)


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